7 Sounds Cats Make and What They Mean

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  1. For number 4 check out a video on a baby tiger meeting another, mature tiger, for the first time. They do this chattering behaviour. I examine this with my cat when he see's a magpie come to visit him. Magpies, being mischevious and bully-type birds, almost seem to state that their relationship is a friendly one, duping the cat into a state of confusion, contradicting a cats natural instinct to prey upon the unknown and it's predisposition to make friends for the benefit of narcissistic trait type needs. I almost believe that it is a state between fighting or fleeing, otherwise known as freezing, or confusion. Being so culturalized, it is only viable that a cat would be caught between these two difficult decisions.

  2. Lol my cat used to sit outside my window yowling (it had a good vantage point of the yard) like super late into the night. His yowl was so deep and he was black so I used to call him Morgan Freeman (I love morgan) I always thought it was because he was a horndog.

  3. Okay but, my cat "Chatters" when i let her know she's done something wrong. I say "Hey" or i make the "tss tss" noise. Then she responds with chattering. So are you trying to tell me shes arguing back and wanting to kill me? 😂

  4. * Trilling is saying "Hi mate what's happening?"
    * Chatter is mimicking birds and their mouths move in sync with the birds beak. Many feral cats succeed in catching birds with the chatter technique.
    * Yowling is "Hey man I need a clean carpet to throw up on right meow!"
    * Growling is "I don't like this. Leave me alone man!"

  5. So I've only heard my cat wanting something (usually to go outside), being happy (she loves belly rubs. My dog does not lol) or mad (vet visits and when I hug her too long lol) I thibk she's a pretty blessed cat to have me 😊

  6. Taught my cat to meow when he comes in from outside..if he answers right away I know he hasn’t brought me live vermin..
    Now he just drops the vermin under the table before answering..a range from lizards..snakes..birds..bunnies..99% are returned to the wild unharmed..yep I’m that good at catching them..dam cat!

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