An overly affected person mom cat with five loopy lively kittens !!

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  1. Hi everyone! You might remember this mom and her kittens from the "I followed this limping mother cat and found her whole family in the bushes" video. ( ) The lady who was taking care of them in the foster home had a waist injury unfortunately and she can't take care of the kittens in that situation so I had to take them to my dad's house a few days ago. The kittens are now around 7 weeks old and we are in the process of finding homes for them but of course they will stay here with their mom for 2-3 more weeks before they go to their new homes. And as I said before, we are looking for the homes from Turkey because sending a cat abroad is usually a 3 months process and we don't have that time. And of course I will give you an update when the kittens are adopted. Thank you for watching and take care!

    Merhabalar! Bu anne ve yavrularını üst paragrafta linkini verdiğim videodan hatırlayabilirsiniz. Geçici evlerinde onlara bakan ablanın belinde bir rahatsızlık ortaya çıktığı için ve bu hâlde kedilere bakamayacağı için onları birkaç gün önce babamların evine getirmek durumunda kaldım. Yavrular şu an yaklaşık 7 haftalıklar ve yeni evlerine gitmeden önce anneleriyle beraber 2-3 hafta daha burada kalacaklar. Şu an sahiplendirmek için görüşmeler yapıyoruz, eğer yuva bulamadığımız yavru kalırsa başka bir video daha yükleyip o videonun altından iletişim bilgilerimi vereceğim (Belki buradan da sahiplenmek isteyenler olursa diye). Ve tabii ki yavruların tamamı yuva bulduğunda da sizlere haber vereceğim. Videoyu izlediğiniz için teşekkürler!

  2. she's a good Mum even with a bandy leg she does her best I hope they all get good homes and one goes with Mum would be so nice for her. Give best wishes to lady who looked after them things happen and sure they will all be adopted out soon.

  3. I'm dead tired from watching it…The energy is quite amazing…I've got five too and really can't remember anything as rambunctious as this was…Thank goodness mine are all grown ups now…:-)

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