African Cats: Official Trailer

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  1. Just watched this film and i cannot explain how powerful it is, The fact thats its real wild life makes it even more shocking to see what they have to go through in their life. You can really see the animals emotion throughout the film. I couldn't believe how beautiful this film was.

    -It's a must watch guys-

  2. PEOPLE MAKE THESE MOVIES FOR REASONS! everything happens for a reason! so many people out there keep killing beauty! FOR MONEY! you guys are destroying life and beauty! or you ppl with go DOWNSTAIRS! would you like it if animals killed you for skin?you guys need to put a stop to this right now! YOU DONT KNOW WHAT THESE KILLERS ARE DOING!
    PLEASE POST THIS ON OTHER ANIMAL VIDEOS AND WE CAN PUT AN END TO THIS! or you will never forgive urself for a bad thing uve done when theres nothing left…

  3. I worked with lions and cheetahs in south-africa. I'm back in Belgium since 2 weeks ago. And this trailer makes me cry.. i really wanna go back to that place 🙁

  4. lions ftw:) im so proud to be a leo:) thx disney nature for protecting such amazing animals and their habitats:) and also thank to those wildlife reservations that protects them, takes care of them and rehabilitates them into the wild:)

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