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  1. When he was alive, my little guy would just scratch at the door, jiggle the handle and cry pitifully if I had the door locked…..If it was unlocked, he'd turn the handle, open the door and stroll in, meowing and trilling….It's one thing I have definitely noticed the absence of since his passing……

  2. Your cat reminds me off mine that passed away, he was so playful and always full of life and had a spring in his step, he was also the same color as yours. Unfortunately he didn't even last a year, we left for 1 night and came back to find him nowhere(which isn't normal of all our cats he loved humans the most and had been left alone for even longer before) and we have never seen him since, and the most depressing thing is that there was a falcon or hawk that lived nearby…

  3. Hahahahaha! This is hilarious. Cats act like human beings a lot!!!!!!!
    He can't even see behind the door so he just feels his way around Lololol!
    – as smart as a human! ! This cat is something!

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