Cat TV – Squirrels and Woodland Birds Spectacular

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  1. My shabbi was spooning with me and was purring, glued to the screen the whole time – the bird at 8:20 made her pounce and boop her nose before checking behind my laptop <3 She loves these videos with her morning cuddle

  2. This is my kittens favourite show 💙 he loves it so much, I put it on for him a while ago and he watched it until he slowly fell asleep. So happy he has some entertainment 💙

  3. Kept my kitty entertained for longer than expected (about 30 min) then she wanted to go lay down on her "thrown" (cat tree). She's just over a year old so still short attention span

  4. My cat love this so much. I tried to pet him but he was like "nooo, i am busy, do not distract me". I am starting to think that my cat loves your videos 💕💕

  5. My older cat just loves these videos. She watches each animal and starts purring. She then likes to make a strike for one of them and ends up sitting on on the laptop, standing on the keys and destroying the show. I have to cat sit her when we watch. I've noticed that she's become addicted to the laptop and likes to sleep on it or next to it now!!

  6. My Cat Arthur asks to watch videos on my phone and on the computer. Has soon as I sit down at the computer he is on the arm of the chair waiting. If I take to long to get his videos up he stats to nudge my hand then if that don't work he lays on the keyboard or starts grooming my hair. He Does not like squirrels he attacks the screen and one time I was not ready for it he knocked my computer to the floor and it hit just right and cracked the screen.

  7. Spanky loves these videos. We call it the "bird show" or say "he's watching his stories" cuz he is straight hooked, like he's watching One Life to Live back in the day when we first found about about "Vicky" and "Nikky".

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