Cat vs. Alligator

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  1. The cat is an innocent little kitty and the gator is Mister Rogers reincarnated, not wanting to hurt him…

    “You know, sometimes animals fight whenever they’re just scared, they don’t mean anything personal by it…opps, sorry little fella, didn’t realize that was your fish…”

  2. Молодец,котяра!За что я люблю кошек,за их бесстрашие и их непосредственность приносящий хорошее настроение.

  3. Sorry for the expresion, but who the fuck does allow his/her pet get so close to this gator ?. Is it funny for these idiots watching what luckily didn´t happen ?. Fully irresponsible cat´s owner !!

  4. Its because theres already food prepared for the crocodile to eat. If the crocodile at that moment is verry hungy and hasn't eaten anything for days. then no arguing here.. that stupid cat. Wouldn't last for 5 seconds

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