Funny Cats in Water Video Compilation [NEW HD]

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  2. i want you people to know that sometimes cats need baths so thats why it seems like the people are forcing them to stay still. bad hygiene can seriously fuck up a cat’s health so be aware that these people aren’t abusing their cats. if you owned a cat yourself you would know the struggle of giving it a bath. keeping them still is necessary, no matter how aggressive they get. it would be different if someone shoved their cat into a pool and forced them to stay in the water. that is abuse, not giving your cat a shower.

  3. Have a cat 4 years now, after the mice dissapeared quickly before his arrival , 7 weeks then; after another 2 weeks had to take a line on for outside, pulling me each way. He had to discover the day after when i released him, the ditch and ducks chasing, ..enough to roll back in time scream all wet , me sitting behind screen, lol

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