I Pull ~16 inches of Fabric Ribbon out of Cat's Butt

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  1. There was a stray on the porch one time I used to feed I look down one day there was something sticking out of his butt I put on a glove reach down grabbed it gave it A Yank and it was one of those mats that goes underneath meat in the package at the supermarket it came out whole and only had a few tooth marks on it damnedest thing I ever saw with a cat

  2. I'm not going to read through all 642 comments to see if I was the only one to say this but… Forcefully pulling out a 15 inch ribbon could cut or destroy her intestines. if it were me I'd probably check with the vet first but I don't know whether you did that or not. If I were to do it on my own I'd trim it down to about a half inch daily and see if she was eliminating the ribbon normally before I went to the extreme measure of yanking the whole thing out at one time.

  3. It looked like he was trying to start up the cat!!!! But the dam rope broke!!!! Now he has to rewind the rope and those recoil springs can be tough to hold in place while you wrap your pull cord!!! LoL

  4. This happened to a cat we had years ago, early 70s, but we had 2 cats. The second cat was a runt and wanted to play. Mom threw them in the basement and it went on all night. I wish we had video back then.

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