magpie and lots of cats,1990

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  1. Thanks a lot for your friendly comment.This movie is 23 years old.We brought the magpie to a shelter and there he stayed for a while untill he could go into the wild.They knew how to handle and all went well.But you know better, i guess and we donot know anything.Wow.

  2. That is a great move… take him to shelter where he will be released back into the wild eventually, and now no fear of cats! The first time he lands by someone else's cat…. it is lights out for the Magpie. I guess it is true…IGNORANCE IS BLISS! In your mind you saved the bird and took him someplace he would eventually be able to live happily ever after…WRONG! You did not do that por bird any favors.

  3. We have 4 cats and Magpies live in the trees outside and our cats will NOT mess with a magpie. Magpies will land right next to our cats and the cats just do their best to ignore them. I wonder if it has something to do with the magpies design and coloring or the cats know they are also predatory. At any rate, I admire their intelligence and think they're borgeous birds.

  4. Magpies are amazing birds when you befriend them. I had one for a while. Found it on the path one afternoon wondering about. An easy meal for a cat or fox. I bought it up in the shed and let it go eventually. it still hangs around to this day 🙂

  5. @polderwijffie

    That is sad =/ I just had like 4 of mine die within the last 2 weeks from poison. (That's what the vet diagnosed) Not sure if it's from weed killer(govt workers) or people deliberately poisoned them…

  6. @polderwijffie You are absolutely right, and commiserations for your loss. I know how that feels. But you can't save them all. As for Naustics, what he/she doesn't know is that the magpie now has the household scent on her and so the cats won't chase her. It's nothing to do with going against nature. You did well and are doing well and it's not easy, so congratulations!

  7. @Leebsterftw Australian magpies aren't members of the crow family, but pica pica (the one in the video) are. There seems to be a bit of confusion about them because they share a name. And yeah, pica pica does have very similar markings to a pee wee! (magpie-lark)

    People need to stop naming birds magpies which aren't members of the magpie (pica pica) family to avoid all this confusion! :S

  8. @Naustics actually we have nothing to do with it animals develop their own instincts, we just help introduce them to other species, and it does nothing to alter there nature.
    in the wild other animal species have been found caring for other animals of a different species

  9. Beautiful cats, and good cats. They have obviously been given love and care, and they love, thank and respect you. Therefore, they respect your bird too. If only humans would respect each other in this way. Search for "Pico Jack, the baby sparrow" to see my kitty-bird friendship video 🙂

  10. @Naustics Domesticated kitties have been living with humans for thousands of years; they're quite used to us. Had one truly feral cat who climbed into the window one day looking for food, a kitten of about 2 mo. who'd been abandoned by his mother. He had trauma to one eye & looked as though he fell into a can of petrol. Got him to the vet & got him fixed up & he grew into a big, handsome kitty & lived with me for 12 years. He was always a handful though. Moxie, the alpha cat.

  11. @Naustics
    Believe me….those cats lived a very happy life with lots of love and care!
    Later we had cats, who were really hunters.
    Some of the cats died in a fire in our home.
    That was a tragedie and it still hurts so very mucht..because i love animals.

  12. this goes to show what we are doing to our animals they are losing their way of life
    they could never survive in the wild. Cat + Bird= 1 great meal for the cat

  13. @MsEZRA1234
    I was sure.
    The cats were lazy and well feed.
    And that little bird was very brutal.
    He survived and after 5 weeks we brought him to a birdshelter.
    This movie was taken in 1990.

  14. @Crazyfrog2frogs
    Nee hoor….gewoon een stel vreselijk verwende en luie katten die niet wisten wat hun overkwam dat er een brutale ekster in de kamer rondhipte.
    De katten waren gewoon bang…maar vreselijk lief.

  15. @ChemicalPixel
    Thanks for your comment.
    I didnot know that the song was written by Willie Nelson.
    The cats were nervous.Just spoiled cats.
    The bird was a baby magpie.
    I found the bird when it was feld out of the nest.
    So i tried to feed him and within 2 weeks he was as big as in the movie.
    After 5 weeks he tried to fly ,so i brought him to a bird-shelter,where he was released after a few weeks.Old enough to find his own food.
    We are from The Netherlands.
    Lovely country, nice people 😉

  16. @SkyInHeritor

    Had ik het net zo goed in het Nederlands kunnen antwoorden.
    Crazy, gezongen door Julio Iglesias.
    En Fragile, ook gezongen door J . I.
    Maar de orginele versie is van Sting.

  17. @polderwijffie – this is a lovely vid. You did a very beautiful thing, and that little Magpie will always be grateful for you giving him/her a second chance. 🙂

    I'm so sorry to hear that you lost 5 of your cats in a fire – I know how upsetting it must have been to lose them.

    I competely argree with Blackhawkflygirl that it is so nice to come across kind people in this world like you who love and respect all animals. 🙂

  18. Thank you so much for your nice comment on the video One bird and many cats.
    This was in 1990.
    The cats on the video do not live anymore.

    April 2008 we found a dead mothercat with 4 kittens, one day old.
    The kittens were alive.
    They were saved and 3 of those kittens are now almost 2 years old and living here with 3 other cats.

    In 2005 we had a fire and we lost 5 of our 10 cats.

    But now we are a happy cat family.

    Agnes, alias polderwijffie from the Netherlands

  19. We found that little bird ,it falled out of the nest.
    We tried to feed it and we succeeded.
    In this movie he was about 3 weeks old and did his first steps.
    2 weeks later we brought him to a bird shelter and there he was with other birds to learn how he could find his own food.
    Later he was a free bird.
    So…he is a wild bird.

  20. He did that constantly.
    Where my cats were, was the magpie.
    He had no idea that they were cats and my cats had no idea that they could eat that little thing.
    Spoiled cats as they were.
    The movie was longer,but too long for YouTube.
    I guess he was at that time 2 weeks old.
    We found him when he was just born.
    After 5 or 6 weeks he went to a birdshelter.

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