Neutered Cat Doesn't Recognize Himself

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  1. Oh, the Cone of Shame…

    We used to have a cat when I was a teen which needed the CoS for a really long time because she had a skin condition on her neck where she always scratched until she was raw.
    We got it treated properly, but she was so accustomed to scratching her neck that she still scratched herself raw after she was cured (I think the scabs may have itched and made her continue to scratch), so it didn't heal properly, which meant Cone of Shame for the poor thing for almost three years until at long last it went away for good.

    So, in the end, we could get rid of it after three years and then the cone (which was made of some hard plastic) became her favourite toy to attack and she managed to tear it down in about two weeks. Talk about determination. 🙂

  2. Hello, Sho Ko! Could you tell me if Shorty is neutered? And if He is- is he neutered from the start? Have he been the only pet of yours? I have a cat which my family took from streets; he used to go outside, sometimes for a month or longer. But the decision for now is to castrate him, so he won't have lots of illnesses. As my pet will spend most of his time alone at home I would like to know what means of entertaining did you have for Sho while weren't with him.
    .:.:.:. .:.:.:. ::…::::.::::…::

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