Parrot massages cat's head

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  1. Hello! I own a very quiet and sweet Umbrella Cockatoo named Sadie. I've always wanted a cat, I love cats, but I am unsure how to train them to like each other. I could never keep Sadie locked up, that's horrible. I do flying tricks with her and she flies around the house a lot. She's open range like Parrots should be, though she usually is on top of her cage, sitting on the sides of dining room chairs, or hanging out on the tops of the couches. Of course, I could never keep my eyes on her at all times to make sure my cat wouldn't hurt her, but I couldn't lock her up for the majority of the day either, just as I couldn't lock the cat up like that. How do I train them to like each other and be trusted together?

  2. Parrots routinely stroke each other's backs.  It's so funny that this parrot is trying to do that to the kitten.  I imagine the parrot saying, "Where are your feathers, you poor misshapen creature?  Don't worry, I won't judge.  I like you anyway."

  3. FYI: "Cats commonly have Pasteurella bacteria as part of their natural flora. While this bacteria is ubiquitous in cats and does them no harm, it is DEADLY to birds.  Even if you cat just bats your bird or gets saliva on your bird, you could end up with a dead bird. Also, if you bird has a persistent problem with itching and other skin issues and you have a cat, this could be a cause and your vet should be asked to screen for this bacteria. If your bird is ever in a confrontation with a cat, take him to the vet immediately even if there are NO apparent wounds. The bird could still have been exposed to this bacteria. You should get your bird to a vet the same day if you think it has come in physical contact with a cat’s saliva, feces, or food. This bacteria means even friendly relationships between cats and birds are not safe. Period."

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