Relaxing TV for Cats to Watch : Cat TV – Birds on A Hot Summer Evening

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  1. I put all your videos on for my two conures (parrots) while I go to work, they have learned that the tv isn't real, but they still watch it and occasionally want to go and get the seeds they see. Great videos for parrots to watch as well!

  2. Unfortunately my cat has learned "Stuff on TV not real," so he never cares when I pull up stuff like this. He only goes for real birds outside our window.
    I, on the other hand, was delighted.

  3. Thank you so much for this!!
    My family recently got a kitten and I was afraid we’d be dealing with separation anxiety with him, considering he would yowl every time I would leave my room.

    First day I had to go back to school, I opened my blinds, set out plenty toys and played this video.
    (My dad dislikes cats so he wouldn’t be one to come in to make sure kitty gets enough attention) this video worked like a charm! He lasted the whole 9 hours I was gone without crying and even made it to the litter box each time he had to go!! 💕

  4. I just found out, like a week ago, my cat loves these videos. He takes over my phone. He will watch for almost 2 hours. Leaves me bored, but my cat loves it. Which makes me happy to watch him.

  5. Paul, thanks for making these videos they're very therapeutic. They help to get your mind off the chaos of this world and put things into perspective. I was very peacefully after listening and watching them. God truly used them to set my focus back on Him by just looking at the humble birds.

  6. Where I work there is a work cat which is my boss's daughter's cat. She has a broken leg in a cast and has to stay in a cage immobile for two months.(she tried to jump to the next balcony and fell 4m) I've been putting these on for her and she stops crying to be let out and watches intently generally until she falls asleep. Thank you. These videos are of medical benefit to one cat at least

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