Reuniting a Feral Cat and Her Kittens!

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  1. I love how you save animals .
    An yes it's good that the kittens need to stay with their mother . Mom cats will get worried .

    Breeding population after a couple of months ? Uh , cats are not people an they won't mate unless it's for loss kittens or when ever they're ready .

    Spaying the mother cat ? Why ?
    Cats should be allowed to have babies .
    These are Gods creatures not for people to control them .
    Feral ??? The mother's feral just because she attacked ?! I understand you saving the cats an kittens but callimg them feral , spaying an neutering , etc is not making anything better . cats defend themselves an stay away from harm , they not gonna put themselves in danger . Animals are smart .
    A person with a heart that loves cats an kittens would NOT spay an neuter them , a person with no heart , would .

    Thank you 👍

  2. If you trap an adult female cat is the spaying the only way to find out if she has given birth? Or can you find out before surgery? If she has and you don't know the kittens location, should you spay her or return her and try finding where the kittens are first so you can trap them and then get the mom?

  3. My vet says Cats like it when you stick your finger in their bums once in a while, it calms them down. Be sure to use some vaseline so your finger will slide in with no problem. Works on males and females

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