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  1. My cats get along really really well. One of my cats is cute but sneaky and one time she got out. The other cat was devestated and constantly meowing. A neighbor found her and the other cat guarded her for weeks so she wouldn't leave again. She would sleep and he would lay in front of the doorway lol. But we had a stranded cat that would visit us sometimes and they would be sooo mad.

  2. Hes a fine looking kitty, (a little ruffled, puffed up or scruffy not sure ? but he is fluffy, had one similar.) But he is seriously po'd cat, looks ready to kick butt, amazing how the cute little fur balls can turn into raging bears when it comes to defending their territory, (if only w his vocals there)

  3. Heard cats do this all the time at the Humane Society when they were scared and didn't want to be taken out of cage or back to their cage by one of us after playing with it. Basically they were warning us to stay away and leave them alone.

  4. @Sexyroxyyy2 Nothing is "wrong" with him… he's telling that other cat to STAY OFF MY PROPERTY! Get OUT! Go AWAY!" And he does NOT appreciate that human stroking him when he's trying to apprear terrifying!! Too funny. He is not hurt, or scared. He's just MAD!!

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