Street Cat Rescue – Kitten Season in Brooklyn

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  1. Your videos are a first class act and I enjoy the music, it's very appropriate for the subject and not too loud. The scenes indoors with the cats are very touching and makes one wish they could rescue every fur baby out there. I subscribed some weeks ago and your videos just keep getting better. Someone else mentioned that your narration was calm and informative and I completely agree. I look forward to more great videos.

  2. Y'all are doing such good work! I'm so glad these babies got found by nice people. Every video makes me cry and I am 500% ok with that!
    I do what I can which, at the moment, is keeping 4 little furballs indoors and keeping an eye on the handful of strays near my work. I had to take one to a shelter recently because he was so sick and there's coyotes around. He lucked out! One of the vets at the shelter took him home and he's doing fine now! The only sad part is his calico friend misses him a lot, she didn't want to come get food or attention for like a week, but she's getting batter. She's already back to meowing at me for food and falling asleep on the roof of my car XD

  3. this is beyond amazing.
    you guys are such a blessing.
    my family and i rescued two of our cats off of the streets at approximately 7 weeks old. they were so weak and close to death.
    but through veterinary treatment and so much love, they are happy and healthy in our home today.

  4. Hello everyone, My name is Jacob and I just turned 18 years old.

    For my 18th birthday I decided to adopt a cat for myself. We went to a local Petco near my house and looked at kittens up for adoption. The second I stepped in the store a little white kitten came up to me and crawled on the cage up towards me and I knew from that instance I had to get this cat. I noticed some green boogers in her right eye and I asked the foster parent what that was and she just said it was from her sleeping and it was no big deal. So fast forward to a week with her living with us we noticed the same discharge in here eye and it was swollen so I rushed her to the vet and got some treatment. They gave her some amoxicillin (oral) use and they also gave something called Viralys. We spent $226 for that visit just alone for her one eye becuase they also tested her for FIV and she came out negative so she does not have FIV.

    We did as instructed on the medicine for her eyes and she got better in no time. Fast forward 1 week when the treatment has stopped she got the little green discharge again. I took her to the vet again and he prescribed a gel like eye drop, and while she was at the vet she did diarrhea everywhere and they also gave her medicine for that, and that visit cost me $63. I treated her for that aswell and she was doing perfect. Now about 4 days ago we noticed a red bump behind her ear and the next day I took her to a different Vet that we knew from the past because I also have two other cats, We took her to the vet and they said she has ring worm, This shocked me a lot because I dont know how she got it all my cats are indoor cats and the house is always clean. The Vet prescribed "Itrafungol" and also a medicated shampoo and fungal rub for the affected areas outside and this visit cost $136. We also recently noticed that it is spreading on her neck and ears. I really love my little Calico and I want to help her as much as I can I have already spent all of my paycheck on her and I want to keep helping her, I am not going to give up on this cat and will do anything to help her.

    Anything is very appreciated, thank you so much!

  5. I rescued two kittens. Omg I love them. I have a channel too and I record them a lot. Not enough I think. I post as much as I can as I am disabled and spend most of the time loving them. When I get on the computer is when they want to see themselves on the BIG SCREEN LOL I just love cats. I would love to foster. My kittens I thought were sisters from the same litter…but it is obvious Sierra is two week older than Mittens. So The person I got them from had more than one unspayed cat…So they are cousins. I don't know why she won't fix her cats. I had to catch the kittens I wanted. I had to deworm deflea and Socialize them too. It was so cute teaching them to love…

  6. a cat/kitten is never too old to learn socialization. thinking there is an age cut off is disservice to animal rescues. felines may wander off or be cautious around strangers but wouldnt you think thats a good thing? its call survival. you dont get cats, cats get you..if you're lucky enough to be adopted by one.

  7. The 9.46 situation was so funny. You looked like a director on the set and kitten like an actor who forgot what to do and you reminded him what to do and he was like "Oh yeah, boss, sorry!" and ran straight into the trap. Lovely❤

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