The Truth About Cat Island

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  1. I respect everyone's passion for wanting to provide care for the cats, but they ARE wild.

    If you want Chinese tax-payer funded vets for all of these cats – (there's a lot of them) – then should we also provide vet care for all wild animals?
    The diseases are a way to limit population growth of the cats, so that they don't starve.
    And disabling their mating abilities will end cat islands.
    Leave them be.

  2. I saw some images from a cat island where a lot of the cats were missing a part of their ear which must mean they were neutered/spayed. But maybe that was another cat island…

  3. The first thing that occurs to me when I saw this video is wondering how many animals other than humans voluntarily mutilate their own bodies with tattoos and metal piercings.

  4. It seems everywhere in the world there will be a western presence, especially younger white women, trying to save people and animals from themselves and the inevitabilities of nature. I'm not saying it's right or wrong, but it is curious.

  5. Idk why people assume nature is nice. I occasionally work on big ranches. there is only a few stray cats with thousands of mice and rats. the eco system can’t support that many predators with no prey. there’s no way to fix it at this point. either let them all die, or hope people with the means bring loads of food and water. We’ve allowed them to breed because we’ve fulfilled their basic needs. stray cats know how many kittens they can support with the resources at hand. they’ve become reliant on an indefinite source of food and water. thanks humans. we’re good at fucking eco systems up. even when we think we’re helping. it’s pretty sad if you think about it.

  6. This cat population has been there since the Edo Japan era when they were brought in to hunt mice that would eat silk worms otherwise, Anyways they have been there for centuries and probably critical to the new ecosystem now.

  7. The thing that pisses me off is that they get tourism from the cats and yet they aren’t going to take care of them, that’s like having a zoo and just letting the animals do whatever the hell they want.

  8. Thanks for this important video. I have bumped this week into a bunch of cats videos from one of cats islands I believe and I have immediately noticed some cats have health issues and infections…

  9. I had a heavy feeling that the feline hedonistas these islands are painted to be, by Western tourist media, were everything but as monitoring the cat population for well being, controlled breeding and the numerous other issues would be intensely problematic.

    I can only hope there are projects already on the go or ready to go to shore up the issues and keep a controlled & healthy population of cats people would like to feel good about than feral mayhem.

  10. Thank you for your insight into the islands and it's cats. I whole heartedly agree with you. These cats need to be looked after including neutering and medical needs. Do the local residences feed them cause I saw in your video a sign saying do not feed the cats.

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