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  1. 12:08 Children should never be allowed to squeeze a cat's abdomen this way. It can and does cause internal injuries to the cat.

    16:35 This is not funny. The cat's claw is stuck in the stretchy band and it needs help, not an idjit filming it.

  2. OK, some of these videos are very funny, but some are far from it. Those very obese carts are sad. And many of the homes are far from clean, to put it politely. Stupid people doing sometimes almost mean, humiliating things to their pets.I was glad for a few laughs but would never watch it again or recommend it.

  3. I feel bad for many of the cats in this video…. i mean for fcks sake you allowed your child to push the kitten in to that narrow box?? This is not funny! And fat ,overfed pets aren't either! I just hate humans so bad…even filming this misery.

  4. Really, there are far too many disgusting, obese, cats in this video. You YouTubers ought to encourage these irresponsible owners to do the right thing (put them on a diet) by refusing to show any of these repulsive, lenticular blobs of furred flesh (unless they're a sequence of shots of the cat that show progress in a weight loss regimen).

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We are human & we are dangerous but funny! better watch out!

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