Videos for Cats to Watch – Birds and Squirrel Fun in December

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  1. My cats were fascinated by this! I found this yesterday and I watched one of my cats watching this video, while I was behind the propped up iPad to see her reaction. Her pupils kept dilating and then back into the small slits instantly whenever a bird fluttered off, like they do just before pouncing. It was actually sort of creepy watching her eyes doing that…hahaha…

    Her much more intelligent brother watched this video about 6 times yesterday. His pupils stayed the same, but he kept going and looking behind the iPad to see where the birds went…there were some smears on the iPad screen after I turned it off, and I didn't know how they got there until I realized it was saliva. He must have tried to "catch" one of them with his mouth.😹

    What an awesome video, thank you for posting it! πŸ’•

  2. I like this video because I don't feel trapped in it, because of the wide angel view, seeing right to the back of the garden/field, that the feeder is in, great video, thank you.

  3. My cat Seneca really enjoyed this video. First I had it on my laptop and he kept stepping on the keyboard to get to the screen, so then I switched it to my tablet and he kept pawing the screen. Though eventually he gave up on being able to catch the animals, lol.

  4. This video is a huge hit with my eight year old cat. Of all the cat videos I've played for her, this one holds her interest the best. I guess it's the particular species of birds in this video she likes. I crack up watching her pawing at the monitor and looking behind the monitor to see where the birds and squirrels run off to. Downloaded and play it on a repeating loop. My laptop is now officially designated for this purpose by my cat. Thank you!

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  6. My cat got soo curious that he made 2 3 attempts to catch one but then it got so mad that he ended up sitting on my phone and he even tried to bite me if I tried to take it off anyways thanks it was fun πŸ™‚

  7. My cat still loves this video, no matter how many times I play it. He tries to touch the screen, walk on the keyboard, or go behind the monitor looking for them. the squirrel was a nice surprise too! lol

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