Zooby – Former Feral Cat Saved via San Jose Shelter

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  1. Why is it always an amputation rather than fixing the break. Imagine if we did that to people a whole lot of disabled persons would inhabit this planet rather than able bodied ones

  2. Why did they release him in the first place! ? Oh hey, now that we neutered you have fun starving and fighting cats and dogs every day for survival! Oh what, we shouldn't have done that? Guess we will actually re home you now after we chop off an arm.

  3. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't trust humans again. The first time they took my noogies. The second time they took teeth and a whole frickin' arm. I wouldn't want to be caught a third time.

  4. Yeah Zooby! I'm so sorry you got hurt and had to get your leg amputated. But now you are going to get a great new home and have a pet-parent who will give you all the love you have missed in your life! You will always have fresh water, food, toys, and most of all, love! Have fun Zooby!

  5. Sped-up surgery was horrifying! Communicated nothing. I imagine he would have been euthanized elsewhere and even here. Poor baby–used to make a rare point about this shelter being caring.

  6. Our shelter is in the police station. They kill dogs after 3 days. The town has a lot of poor people, and since fees are so high, no one goes to get their dogs back. Cats are not even picked up. And, it is in America! It is so wonderful to see that shelters have veterinarians, and people who care to find the animals homes!

  7. Great job, he looks like an awesome guy. One suggestion about the video though…the actual surgery segment went on waaaaaay tooooooooo long. Just a suggestion to shorten it next time.

  8. Our cat had is leg taken off over bone cancer 3 years ago.. He loved not having that painful leg and is doing really well now. I never see them as feral…only unloved. Thanks for saving him.

  9. Thanks for all you did to save zooby, what a beautiful little kitty. it's awsome their are people like you and your staff, that will do whatever it takes to save a animals life. great job everyone that helps you.

  10. Hi, thanks for giving even the "hopeless" animals a chance.
    I have a question: Why did you amputate the entire leg? Wouldn't it have been enough to just take the lower, injured part of the limb?

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